2017 Lamborghini Aventador S in Downers Grove, IL


Lamborghini is known for being the dream car lineup for drivers around the world, and the new 2017 Aventador S is no exception. The Aventador S now comes with four-wheel steering, a bold exterior, and up to 730 horsepower, making it a truly distinct performance model. This sports car comes with a range of features to set it apart on the road, aside from just its stunning looks.


Under the hood of the Aventador S supercar is a powerful V12 engine. This 6.5-liter power plant gets up to 730 horsepower, which is a 39 horsepower increase over last year. Not only does this engine beat out the Dodge’s Hellcat V8, but the Aventador S also has an 8500-rpm redline. If you’re looking for the ultimate supercar, the Aventador S is for you.


The 2017 Aventador S has more than just raw power. For instance, the new four-wheel-steering system is designed to optimize control and handling, replacing toe-control links by providing two actuators. You can change the rear wheel angles in just five milliseconds, providing precise turning and added grip. The suspension’s stability control has also been tuned for 2017, and there are even customizable settings for those looking to fine-tune their drive.


In addition to performance on the track, the Aventador S also comes with upgraded infotainment to make driving more enjoyable. For instance, you can find Apple CarPlay smartphone connectivity in the central touchscreen console. This allows you to easily find apps, access contacts and playlists, and more. Drivers can also opt for a special telemetry system that records lap times, performance, and more.

The 2017 Lamborghini Aventador S is unmatched. With a sweeping exterior and signature styling, you can spot this model from a mile away. Plus, with up to 730 horsepower and a fine-tuned suspension, the Aventador S takes driving to a whole new level. Visit Perillo Downers Grove to learn more.


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